How to make Resume

Resume: – A resume is a document that highlight’s individual’s skills, achievements, and other qualities. Employers ask applicants to submit resume while applying for a job. It helps managers in analyzing candidate’s skills, qualities, and other characteristics required for the particular job position.

You can call it a reliable job tool that helps in getting interview calls. Resume writing is an art, and it needs unique copywriting for a custom job position you are applying.
Here is the step-by-step guide for custom resume writing/creation:-
1.Personal information: – Resume writing starts with your personal introduction. Add your personal data like Full name, address, city, pin code, note email and mobile number in the Resume header section.


Career Objective: – Once you finish writing your personal details, add a career goal. Career objectives are short statements of interest created by a job applicant about a particular position.It refers to aim or goals which one’s set to achieve in his/her profession.

Avoid common and duplicate career objectives. Explore the web, read different goals and create a best and unique objective statement matching the job position and your technical skills.

3.Professional qualification: –  Add your College, and University educational details in the professional qualification. Highlight your highest degrees, grades/percentages here.

4.Educational Qualification: – Add your mid-school, and high-school qualification details in this area.

5.Skills: – Add your technical skills here. Like, if you are an IT professional, then your skills will be C, C++, web designing & development, etc.

6.Training and projects: – Have you done any minor/major training? If yes, mention the details here. Throw light on it mentioning training title, and a 1-2 line description.

A)Industrial Training: –Industrial training is a part of engineering studies. Describe the company/field, purpose, and what you have learned via participating in the industrial training.

B)Major project:- mentionProject name(Title), Team size, and your role.

C)Minor project: –Mention Title, group size and your role.

7.extracurricular activity: -Mention if you have participated in any sports, cultural program at the district level or college level or school level.

8.Achievements: –If you have won any award or you have got any certificate for doing some excellent work/job then mention that thing in this column.For, e.g., -Member of interschool or inter-college cricket,Football tournament winning team. etc.

Personal details: –

9.Weakness: –Mention only keywords.

10.Quality: –Keywords only.


12.Personal details:-

.Date of birth.



.Father’s name.

.Languages are known.

.Passport status.

14.Reference: – Whether you are a fresher or an experienced applicant, you will need to mention 1-2 reference. Companies contact your reference to cross-check your resume details. You cannot mention reference of your parents or friends, it needs an official reference. Freshers can mention their professor/principal/dean’s reference. Experienced professionals can mention their past employer/supervisor/colleague’s reference.