Cover letter: – A cover letter is a business document sent to the potential employers together with the resume. It is a backup to your resume that throws enhanced light on applicant’s skills, qualities, experience, and other characteristics. In short, it is a brief overview of your technical and general skills.

Cover Letter is a document that offers you an opportunity to present your targeted skills matching the employer’s/job need. It is seen that applicants who deliver cover letters along with resumes receives get more interview calls than other candidates.

Is cover letter writing difficult?

Cover letter writing does not need rocket science; it is an easy copywriting work. You have to add few things like how you come to know about a vacancy, your skills matching the job position, and your other positive points.
Check step-by-step cover letter drafting process below:-

First, Mention Your name, address, email id and contact number.

Now, Mention company’s name and address and after that write current date.You can mention date on right side or below the address of the enterprise.
Add a name of HR/employer whom you are sending the cover letter. If you do not know his/her name them, add sir/mam instead of a name.

Leave some space, explain, how you come to know about a vacancy in that company? Do not overwrite it,  1-2 lines are enough to explain it.
Now, it comes the promotional copywriting. Add your targeted skills, achievements, and technical skills matching the job position. Describe it within 3-4 sentences. These four lines are the base of your cover letter that will either impress the reader or lead to rejection. Focus on this key paragraph and boost chances of a personal interview.

Now, again change the paragraph and mention a line about the company’s profile and mention how you are perfect for the particular post or job.why you are interested in joining the company and your future’s plan?

In the end, add your’s sincerely,  your’s indeed with your name.

Check a sample cover letter document below: –